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    100 Years of Single Tax

    Why after over 100 years is Single tax still even in effect?  Men in Iowa created the idea and decided to create utopia place that had what they called a “fair hope”.  Though they intended for this idea to spread all over the country, today’s Fairhope, Al and Arden, DE are the only two Single Tax Colonies in the country.  The Depression was tough on the Lessee’s, but the colony was lenient in getting the rent during these hard times.  Currently, yearly rent is paid on over 4,000 acres in Fairhope, Al annually.

    Fairhope Community
    Fairhope Community

    Many changes have been made to the Single Tax Corporation over the years to make it as sustainable as it is today.  Many of those changes were to conform to state laws and changing economy.  For those of you that wonder where the money goes, you may be surprised.  There are obviously operating costs, but much of the monies go to funding community projects.  The over 60 acres we enjoy of bay front parks are at a result of the efforts of the Colony.  City Sports facilities of over 24 acres are meeting the demands of today’s active families.  Let’s not forget the over 40 acres of Nature Park in the area as well. They even assisted with the much needed facelift at local Thomas Hospital’s Emergency Department.

    So the next time you drive through Fairhope appreciate its beauty and know that the ideas of Iowan Men over 100 years ago help make it the beautiful Utopia it is today.  They couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful place to create a small town feel and ensure the community’s future.  If you are looking to buy in Fairhope and find the land must be leased, please remember you will be a part of a beautiful place that is community minded over 100 years strong.

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