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Baldwin County Schools

The Baldwin County Schools of today are well known for excellence.  Based on a new Alabama state law, ranking schools by graduation rates and test scores -Not one school fell short in Baldwin County.  While 5 schools in neighboring Mobile county hit the list of schools with poor results.  This makes Baldwin County the perfect place to live, ensuring your children can attend great schools.  According to US News, Baldwin County’s Fairhope High School ranks #12 in the State.

The Baldwin County Schools Board of Education, our public School system, has been working hard to retain students to graduation.  Challenging our students to prepare them for today’s world. Growing in strides from its label of lacking technology in 2002, the current vision of World Class learning is shining though in Baldwin County Schools. Digital Renaissance is a program that has put an Apple MacBook Air laptop in the hands of every High school student.  First tested in one Baldwin County High School, the success was phenomenal and soon in all Baldwin County High Schools would have these devices.  The students admit they are able to get more done.  Beginning Fall 2013 every student 7th grade Baldwin County School Student and up will have a MacBook, Educators believe this is preparing each of them for the digital world. All Elementary Schools are getting an internet upgrade as well.

Many private schools blanket the county offering smaller class sizes and quality education some with faith based programs.  Over 5 Private Baldwin County Schools are located on the Eastern Shore.  The choice to work in the city and live on the Eastern Shore is yours to make.  It is a comfort knowing that the Baldwin County Schools are striving for World Class learning right here in Southern Alabama.

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