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BIG Things Are Happening In Our Community!


             If you haven’t been keeping up with the news, you may not know about the BIG things that are happening in our community! New construction projects and hundreds of jobs being created are paving the way for our economy to flourish. With the absence of many serious natural and man-made disasters in the past year, Mobile has had the opportunity to focus time and energy on ways to build and improve our economy. Many new ideas are being formed- some of which are already coming to pass.

Mobile’s most popular and most talked about project which began this past year is, of course, Airbus- and for good reason! Airbus is expected to cause a huge increase in the Mobile and Baldwin County population in the coming years and give a significant boost to the economy as the company plans to hire several hundred employees. The $600 million facility, which is now under construction at Mobile Aeroplex at Brookley, is scheduled to come online in 2015 and deliver the first Mobile-assembled aircraft in 2016.

A320NEO Airbus           With the Airbus facility’s quickly progressing construction, Mobile is preparing to welcome an increase in economic activity. Some of the city’s most historic building structures are undergoing major renovations to allow them to be put to new use. NAI Mobile, the Port City’s newest commercial and industrial real estate firm, plans to occupy nearly half of the first floor of the DeBriere Building on Saint Emmanuel Street by February. RSQ and Red Square Gaming plan to occupy the remaining three-quarters of the building once they relocate from Government Street.

In addition to these exciting changes, many other projects are in the works while some are still on the drawing board such as a proposed Interstate 10 bridge and the possibility of bringing a cruise ship back to Mobile’s terminal. What will come next? Only time will tell as more BIG things happen in our community!






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