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Did You See That?!

You’re driving down the road with your friends or family when suddenly, someone in the backseat yells, “Did you see that?!” This has probably happened to you more than once considering there are hundreds of roadside attractions here in Baldwin County, which is larger than the entire state of Delaware! Some of these landmarks possess historical significance, such as the Battle Ship on the Causeway, while others may leave you scratching your head.

A landmark that is easily missed but has a very interesting history is Red Hill Spring. Located about five miles north of Stockton, on the side of Highway 59, is a rock wall with water pouring out. This piece of Baldwin County history was used by explorers, Native Americans, and pioneers for centuries when they needed to quench their thirst during long travels. A plaque set in the stone reads: “Dedicated to the wayfarers who, for unknown generations, have passed by this way and refreshed themselves with a drink from this spring and for those yet to follow.”


Another roadside attraction that you’re probably more familiar with is the yellow “submarine” that sits in front of the Original Oyster House in Spanish Fort. However, it’s actually not a submarine. “It’s a Soviet Rescue Craft Lifeboat that functioned as a fully encapsulated ‘pod’ when dropped in water”, says the restaurant’s co-owner, David Dekle. Who knew?! The Dekle’s bought the vessel after discovering it in a man’s yard in Fairhope. It was painted yellow after the famous Beatles song, “Yellow Submarine”.cb1cb835ca56ee2bc364c7c224b46fcd

There are hundreds of other interesting attractions within our community. Do a Google search and plan a fun day of exploring! You may stumble upon a Stone Hinge replica or a 25-foot spider! Maybe the next time someone says, “Did you see that?!” you’ll be able to say, “Yes!”

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