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How is public school going?

We asked one of our local students how public school is going.  All students seem to be excited about the MacBook Air additions, even though they came with a whole new set of rules. Each school has been making decisions based on the needs of their student’s new way of learning. For example, Lockers, or no lockers, covers or not, etc.  One thing is for sure all schools are working very hard to teach the students care and maintenance of the Mac books and themselves.  All students are required to wear their backpacks on both shoulders and clip the front to protect their back.  One student writes below writes about how the new experience at school makes her feel.

“I feel like I can do so much on this one little computer with the click of a button. These computers we are using at school are much more fun than getting out a big old textbook and writing every single letter down we need to know instead of typing it up. I feel like the Baldwin County Board of Education made school more fun when they provided these computers. We seem to be able to learn more and do work faster.  Another reason it is so easy is on the MacBook you have a utility page and you can use a calculator or dictionary and more. I have different folders on my desktop for each class period so every time I type something up for class, I can bring it back out again very easily. They are so easy to use, I have also learned so much.  I have even mastered some easy tricks. There is also an application in the finder called “Airdrop” where you can send some of your assignments to your teachers through the air. Even though we have these computers, we still use pencil and paper in some classes. These Macs, I think are the most updated and the best computer I could have ever laid my hands on. It’s like having the whole world in my hands. With the click of a button you could find any information you need. If you forgot your homework or have to do group projects, these devices really come in handy!”

You too can live in Baldwin County and send your family to these great schools!  Contact Gulf Coast Experts to search for your new home today!  Public Schools in Baldwin County are going well and off to a great new year of technology based learning!

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