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Job Opportunites in Lower Alabama

Lower Alabama is becoming quite the place to hunt for the perfect job opportunity.  With the unemployment rates dropping in both Mobile and Baldwin counties, who in the world will fill all these new jobs?  The growth is a definitely a welcome site to a recovering economy in these neck of the woods.

With the excitement of Blue Collar Country in South Baldwin swarming around the Expressway, or gateway from I-10 to the beautiful beaches of Alabama many locals are ready for rise in property value.  Airbus having completed the underground foundation to a stable addition to the workforce of  Mobile County, what next?  110909-410 (Custom)Airbus expects to have over 2500 jobs available during the construction process, but how many jobs will sustain us long term?  There a rumored to be many!  Blue Collar announced to have over 1500 permanent positions at their entertainment site.  With the overflow of surrounding businesses to follow and the supporting companies needed to work closely with Airbus, how many jobs will we expect to need to fill in the coming months and years?

South Alabama definitely has room for growth in population, too.  We all know that first we want to make sure all of our local families are employed and our local needs are met.  Let’s look at the big picture here, this may very well not be enough.  We will see a growth in families moving to our Alabama Gulf Coast.  With the great schools and beautiful sunsets alone the Eastern Shore will be the perfect spot to live and commute to work.  They will need housing and that’s where the Gulf Coast Experts Team will come in.  Being Experts on the Real Estate Market they will be ready and available to help anyone in their home search.  Do you find you and your family looking for better opportunities?  The Alabama Gulf Coast is becoming quite the place to spread your wings and fly! Imagine how much of this will benefit our locally owned businesses.  But most importantly the job opportunities will no longer be few and far between in beautiful Lower Alabama!

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